Adam Bolton
Adam Bolton
Lead Character Artist
Bend, OR, United States


3D Character Artist and Digital Sculptor Adam Bolton is a sixteen-year veteran of the video game industry. Over the course of nearly five years, Adam worked to create the main characters of Bioshock Infinite at Irrational Games. Working closely with Ken Levine, from the conceptual pre-production phase until post-release, Adam defined the look of Elizabeth, Songbird, Handyman, Comstock and many more characters. His most recent work has included crafting unique boss characters for Destiny 2 at Bungie, and design and technical art for Apple.
Adam takes characters from concept to rigging along a production pipeline. Modeling, creating texture maps, materials, weighting to rig, export and import into game engines.


3D ModelingCharacter ModelingGame DevelopmentCharacter DesignVR
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