Adam Bolton
Adam Bolton
Lead Character Artist
Bend, OR, United States


Adam Bolton is a Lead Character Artist with seventeen years’ experience in AAA video games and VR/AR. He currently leads the character team creating Hyper Light Breaker, and previously managed and created character art for the live service MMO New World. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Bungie, Irrational Games, and Id Software have trusted him to create key character assets. Adam creates characters that have impact, like Elizabeth and Songbird of Bioshock Infinite, and Dominus Ghaul, leader of the Cabal in Destiny 2. He obtained design patents while working for Apple as a core member of the design team creating their first AR content creation app, Reality Composer. Adam's career has taken him through a diverse range of projects, game engines, software and techniques.

A life-long gamer and artist, Adam created his first game projects in the '90s and learned 3D art at the turn of the century. He has shipped games across multiple console generations and has continued to adapt his workflow to the latest techniques. Adam is passionate about games and art, and is excited to help lead the team that will create the next game-of-the-year.

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